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Fundamentals of programming November 15th, 2011

Fundamentals of programming

Almost all of us know the GoF patterns. Perhaps not all of the patterns. I forget them from time to time, but with more experience, I remember more and more. (I keep forgetting what a Memento is. :) )

As important as they are, I think there are other, perhaps more important patterns and principles that I follow. Some of them are “in my head” when I code. Some of them are there and I just follow them without naming.

They are fundamental theorems/patterns/principles of programming.

Good idea to review them.

Good idea to write about them.

Good idea to revisit them.

Don’t you think?

Languages and trends pass by. Principles and how we approach our programming tasks stays with us. Forever.

I’m currently deep into Python. Design patterns I learned earlier still apply. I learned JavaScript a while ago. Same thing.

I feel it’s not the languages we know count. It’s how we go about doing the tasks we have on hand. It’s how we craft software no matter what tools we use. Python is good for one thing; Java for other; and Javascript still for another, but we can apply “our learned way” to all of them.

Once we have solid principles in place, we’re able to reuse it fromĀ languageĀ to language. Deepening and improving that knowlege has the highest return, I feel.

So I’d like to revisit SOLID principles; GRASP patterns. They’re at the heart of programming. Close to my programming heart, at least. :) More to follow.

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