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How To Survive The Coming Bust

I came across an interesting article, How To Survive The Coming Bust, recently — little dated, but still valuable. The author argues that you need to do the following six things to survive.

1) Provide Guarantees2) Analyze the business and provide a better solution3) Dramatically decrease the defect rate4) Create well-documented, maintainable code5) Provide better feedback6) Show the customer how you will make them money or allow them to cut costs

I think most of them hold true and I do think that we — software engineers — have a bright future indeed. Under one condition, though: we have to be better than our competition. We have to be better than those developers in other countries. We have to be the best. (I’ll create a post about how to thrive in a global IT market later.) It is possible, it just requires more work.

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