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Matz on Craftsmanship

Yukihiro Matsumoto, the creator of Ruby, the object-oriented scripting language (I don’t know it but I hear it is a good language — Pragmatic Programmers recommend learning it), shares his top 10 tips for programmers. I like the list. The list is inline with what I believe good programmers should do and believe in. The list describes what a crafstman should do. Read this interview on Aritma, Matz on Craftsmanship, where he is asked about the tips that are found below. I extracted the Top 10 list and showing it to you below.

Q: Can you share your 10 top tips for those thinking of getting into the computing field? Can you describe your role with your company and how you plan to shape the company one year and two years into the future, and in the long term?

Yukihiro Matsumoto (creator of Ruby – OO scripting language):

  1. Learn more than one programming languages, preferably many different style ones, like scripting, object-oriented, functional, logic, etc. Learning languages teaches you many about programming.
  2. Read good books, for example, “Pragmatic Programmers”, “Refactoring”, and “Art of Computer Science”.
  3. Read the source code. The source code is the source of information and knowledge. Thanks to the opensource.
  4. Don’t focus too much on tools. Tools changes. Algorithms and basic fundamentals don’t.
  5. Don’t focus too much on machines. Programmers often fall in the computer’s view point. But human make programs, programs serve human. Don’t forget that programming is a human oriented activity.
  6. Be lazy. Machines should serve human being. Often programmers serve machines unconsciously. Let machines serve you. Do everything you can to make you lazy.
  7. Test early, test often. Write test suites before you code, if possible.
  8. Be nice to others. Consider interface first, man to man, man to machine, and machine to machine. Again, remember, human factor is important.
  9. Be creative.
  10. Enjoy programming and life. I believe that is one of the purposes of life.

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