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Being More Productive

Do you get notified of every email you receive? You don’t find that distracting? I find it very distracting. I remember receiving emails every couple of minutes at my old job. I finally had to turn off the notification alerts because I could not concentrate on work. At my current job, we use Lotus Notes and though the amount of email is great, I don’t get notifications like you do in Outlook. That helps a lot.

I agree with Jeff Atwood completely:

If you like getting work done, you learn to appreciate inspired laziness as the positive character trait it really is. And I take this one step further: I turn off notifications for instant messaging, too.

If you want more productivity: turn off automatic email notification. Concentrate on the thing you’re doing and finish it. Then, check your email.

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  1. rob says:

    Read Five fast email productivity tips (

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