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Improving Your Process

How to adopt XP? Here’s how, from Extreme Programming Explained.

1. Pick your worst problem.2. Solve it the XP way.3. When it’s no longer your worst problem, repeat.

I think the above is not only for adopting XP, but a good way to solve any development process issue. It is a good way to improve your process.

Here’s how I think you can solve any process issue (a modified version of the above):

  1. Start with your worst problem.
  2. Try to continously solve it. Don’t try to solve anything else; keep working on the individual problem until you see improvement.
  3. Once you made it better, repeat.

Where else can this be applicable? I think this is also a good way to work on your individual problems.

You are not going to fix anything right away, start making small, step-by-step changes and you will get there sooner than you think.

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