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Craftsman's Values

Here’s what Ben Rady, who calls himself software craftsman, states under his Statement of Values. I value similar things: I can sign my name under this statement. Excellent summary.

As a technical leader, I value:

* Talented People* Rapid Feedback* Individual Relationships* Facilitation over command and control* Continuous Improvement* Frequent Delivery

As a programmer, I value:

* Working Software* Clean Code* Rich Communication* Flexibility over efficiency* Sustainable Pace* Simplicity* Failing Fast over hiding errors

As a human being, I value:

* Courage, not cowardice* Humility, not hubris* Compassion, not callousness* Curiosity, not apathy* Discipline, not carelessness* Honesty, not deceit* Patience, not intolerance

ReferenceStatement of Values, Ben Rady

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