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Design Patterns Explained

Design Patterns Explained
by Alan Shalloway and James R. Trott
ISBN 0321247140
Date Read 8/2009

My Rating

Excellent intro to Design Patterns. I really liked the authors’ focus on teaching not only design patterns but how they should be used and implemented. Really good job there. I think this is a great book to start learning design patterns. If you want to learn DP, start with this book before you dive into the GoF Design Patterns book. Much to learn from this book, with a slow, more thorough way.

Not really a reference book. I tried to read this one quickly so I can get a quick refresher. This book is not suitable for that. Long explanations, not that much source code for examples. Yes, the explanations are good, but not if you want to quickly scan and refresh your memory. For that reason, I think the classic GoF book is still the king.

Overall, I appreciate the authors focus on teaching the right way of programming; trying to instill the “correct” thinking about patterns; and the detailed explanations of the different design patterns. I am disappointed that only a subset of patterns were explained and that this book is not suitable for reference. But all in all, a decent book.

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