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JavaOne 2005: Wrap Up

I did not attend JavaOne this year (I wish). Eric Armstrong, blogger at, did. Not only did he attend the conference, he put together a very good blog entry about the cool stuff that is happening in the Java world, as well as in the software world.

He does a very nice job. I totally agree with what he’s saying. He covers AJAX, Hibernate, J2EE, Groovy vs BeanShell (I might have to learn them).

Here is a summary of the entry:

This article is my end-of-show wrap up, with notes on a variety of announcements and things. It compares Groovy to BeanShell, describes great new announcements like AJAX and Hibernate, and takes a look at a radically new concept that was a major theme of the show–EASE OF USE enhancements coming up in J2EE, NetBeans, and Java Studio Creator.

Reference:JavaOne 2005: Wrap Up by Eric Armstrong

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