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Pass a Technical Job Interview

I read a lot of Java books, articles, and blogs. The articles by Yakov Fain in JDJ are always interesting. The latest, How To Pass A Technical Job Interview With Flying Colors, is very good as well.

Are you looking for a job? Do you have a lot of knowledge? Oh, yeah? You can have a great success if you IPO. No, this is not a stock-market entry. It is a career entry. Yes, you can IPO – Get the Interview (I), Pass the interview (P), and Get the Offer (O). Treat these separately and do them one at a time, Yakov argues. He goes on to explain the IPO in detail.

He has some very good tips:- tailor your resume for each employer;- prepare by creating interesting stories about a challenging project you’ve been part of;- be energetic and show interest;- look for a job while you still have a job and accept it only when it is better.

“Take charge of your career and actively build it the way you want, ” Yakov ends. Mr. Fain is right on the ball with that article.

Reference:How To Pass A Technical Job Interview With Flying Colors by Yakov Fain, JDJ, July 2005

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