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Top Five Fastest Growing IT Jobs

How have things changed in a matter of a year or two. That’s music to my ears, :-) , but these things change quickly. I do believe, however, that as software engineers we have a bright future ahead of us.

According to the latest U.S. government statistics, the future of the IT job market looks bright. As the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics points out, five of the top ten fastest growing jobs between 2004 and 2014 will be within the technology industry. In some cases, these jobs are growing at a pace of 40-55% over the next ten years, clearly outpacing the growth of jobs in other industries. The five fastest-growing IT jobs include: network systems and data communications analyst, computer applications software engineer, computer systems software engineer, network and computer systems administrator, and database administrator.

…fast growing IT job is computer applications software engineer, which has an expected growth rate of 48.4% over the next ten years. Firms of all sizes will require the services of developers who can write and customize software in response to constantly changing consumer and industrial needs.

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