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DOM Scripting

DOM Scripting
by Jeremy Keith
ISBN 1-59059-533-5
Date Read 5/2009

My Rating

I believe in doing things the right way. So does the author of this book. In this regard, this is a great book: You learn what the right way is.

Not for hard-core developers. The intended audience is web designers. I second that. This book is also an excellent choice if you’re just thinking whether web-development with JavaScript is for you. Or if you want to read about web-development’s best practices (read chapter 5). It is not thorough and does not cover the advanced topics, like OO programming, etc.

Doing things right. And how to get there. This the nicest feature about this book. Slowly, sometimes first showing the bad approach and then refactoring to a more best-practices oriented solution. Nicely done. I wish more beginning books had an approach like this.

Separation of concerns: Separation of layers. My main objective for reading this book was so I learn more about the best practices. I did not learn anything new, but reading about the best practices again is a nice refresher. Separating structure, presentation, and behavior is the most important best practice when doing web development. The author does a good job explaining and really diving into this concept.

To say it once more, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript should be separate. You’ll learn that in this book.

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