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Object-Oriented JavaScript

Object-Oriented JavaScript
by Stoyan Stefanov
ISBN 1847194141
Date Read 5/2009

My Rating

After reading my last JavaScript book, Professional JavaScript for Web Developers, I was looking for some more JS books to read. Something good. Then a few days ago I read a post by Klaus Komenda, Book Review: Object-Oriented JavaScript, and he highly recommended this book. (In the process, I also discovered DOM Scripting, and Pro JavaScript Design Patterns.) I picked up this book and had high expectations.

Decent book. After finishing the excellent Professional JavaScript for Web Developers book, the standards were set very high. This book is good, but not as deep, and not filled with as many full examples. It’s good, but not as good.

Quick. This book reads very quickly. The examples are short, the writing style is very conversational. That’s a nice feature. On the downside, sometimes a feature you’re reading is not easy and you’d like a bit more on the subject. You’re out of luck.

I learned a few things. Firebug console can execute JavaScript — I did not know that! I also got an overview of regular expressions syntax in JavaScript. Good job there. I also learned couple other things, but majority of the concepts in this book were included in the Pro book I mentioned.

Overall, not a bad book, but I don’t recommend it. By now, you know which JS book I do recommend. :-)

2 Responses to “Object-Oriented JavaScript”

  1. claudio says:

    Hello, I always read your blog, I really like it, please keep recommending books!! :)

  2. Staƛ says:


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